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Repair examples of past service performed on GE refrigerator.

GE Refrigerator Repair – Transcript of Video Below

Looking at this GE today and this is very common problem for GE side-by-side repair.  There’s a lot of things in this that transcend different individual models.   One very interesting thing about this particular model is it has a few issues controlling the fresh food or refrigerator section temperature.  The complaint on this particular repair today is that the GE refrigerator section was too cold and items in the center, lower levels were freezing all the time.  When you do a temperature check you’ll find they’re in the  30’s and even sometimes in the 20’s. 

GE Damper

So with this particular model we didn’t really have to think too much about it.  When you see this in the back, looks like a T on the back wall.  This is a GE refrigerator damper and GE refrigerator air duct assembly.  You see the water filter to the right and of course the light fixture but all the way back.  On the left-hand side you see kind of the tube sliding out from the freezer section.  What’s happening is air comes from the freezer from the left to the right.  There’s a little damper in there that controls the air flowing.  The air would go down through that little air tower into the rest of the refrigerator.

GE refrigerator repair san diego
GE refrigerator repair san diego

GE Refrigerator Repair-San Diego Technical Pros

How to complete this GE refrigerator repair – First thing we need to do is remove the air tower, that damper assembly, back there.  So there’s a few screws, a few clips that come out.  It not only has a damper motor in it but it also has a fan motor.  So once we have it pulled out, now you can get a good feel for what it looks like looks.  Like a little T, but the main thing we want to do is rotate it to the side and look down it. So this would be from the freezer section looking into the refrigerator section. 

GE Damper Replacement

You can see there’s a little black square back there but you can also see white above the square and that’s not good.  This is a door and the door actually swings open and it swings closed.  So if you shake it a little bit you see that the door will move you could actually hear a rattle go up and down.  What’s happening here is the door is broken it’s not able to close so therefore not able to control the airflow into the refrigerator section.  So when the refrigerator is cold enough and the control panel requested that damper door close, it physically can’t close because it is broken. 

Therefore, cold air continues to stream into the refrigerator section freezing all of the goodies that are down in the snack drawers and everywhere else.   In conclusion, the solution to this is to just replace the whole damper assembly.  It comes together as one unit, replace that reinstall it and you’re good to go.  

GE refrigerator repair complete.  

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GE Ice Dispenser Not Working

Side by side GE refrigerator not dispensing ice.   This is a very common GE style refrigerator.  GE Ice Dispenser Not Working is also a very common problem with this model.

GE Ice Dispenser Not Working

When calling for ice, it builds up in the ice chute.   With the door chute not opening, ice jams.

GE Ice Dispenser Not Working

Door chute not opening

It appears the door chute is not opening when calling for ice. We first remove the dispenser cover.

GE Ice Dispenser Not WorkingFirst we remove the dispenser user interface as well as the cover.

GE Ice Dispenser Not WorkingNow we can see the rusted door chute solenoid.   The solenoid pulls down on the door crank to open the chute door.  It will need replaced.

GE Ice Dispenser Not WorkingThe new solenoid armature is free to move up and down therefor allowing opening and closing the door.

Solenoid Replaced

Video of new solenoid in action. GE Ice Dispenser Not Working / It is now!

Well it was too hot too touch.  The center mullion is very hot to the touch.   What you will find is the condenser fan motor is not running.    At this point it will come down to fan motor or main control board.