What is Technical Maintenance?

Technical maintenance goes beyond the owners manual of just the basics.  Number one problem is units over heat (portable especially) or loose efficiency cause of dust and dirt.  Technical maintenance should be done once a year to keep your unit in top operating efficiency and save electricity.  Mold and meldew can grow in any air conditioner, even ones less than one year old.  Have your coils sanitized yearly!

Technical Maintenance     $119

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Includes pick up, maintenance, and return of window and portable air conditioners

Technical Maintenance

  • The unit is taken completely apart
  • Clean drain ports
  • Clean condenser and evaporator fan blade (when possible)
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils
  • Sanitize coils and vent areas the may have unwanted growth
  • Straighten condenser and evaporator coil fins
  • Oil motors (if required)
  • Check Freon induced temperature drop on evaporator coil
  • Measure and report compressor amp draw
  • Measure and report motor(s) amp draw
  • Measure and report temperature output
  • Front grille cleaned by compressed air, water and sanitizer
  • Entire unit blown out with compressed air
  • Clean Condenser drain pan on portable units and sanitize
  • Condenser drain pan on window units flushed out