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Repair examples of past service performed on LG refrigerator.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

This is a very popular LG model.    It is also an extremely popular Kenmore 795.72053 branded item.

LG refrigerator ice maker

There is a sensor on the bottom of an LG ice maker that sometime fails.  Therefore there are times when the complete ice maker will need to be replaced.

LG refrigerator ice maker

Since this model the entire case assembly including the auger drive motor comes together.

LG refrigerator ice maker

After replacing the ice maker, we can run it through a test cycle.  During the ice maker test cycle the tray will rotate and come to it’s home position.

The ice cube tray rotates to dump ice and returns to it’s home position.   Therefore, once it has returned to the home position it is filled with water.   Cycle complete.

This LG has very heavy frost in the freezer section. The most common reason is the fact that the freezer door was not closed all the way. that simple