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Repair examples of past service performed on Kenmore refrigerator.

Kenmore Not Cooling

With this Kenmore 10651133210 side by side we will examine the reason why “Kenmore Not Cooling” complaint has been issued.

Kenmore Not Cooling

Most refrigerator defrost once a day or so.  If a unit fails to defrost over a series of days cooling in the freezer and fresh food sections can suffer.

Kenmore Not CoolingFrost will build up on the back freezer wall.

Kenmore Not Cooling

There is a heater at the bottom of the evaporator coil so that melts the ice.  Let’s see in the video if we put the unit into defrost mode what happens.

This refrigerator is not defrosting. In this video we check to see if power is getting to the heater.  The red light indicates that there is power to the bi-metal of the heater wire circuit.

Kenmore Not CoolingAfter closer examination we can see that the right side wire connector is disconnected. Due to the expansion and contraction with the hot and cold can wiggle the connector loose.

Kenmore Not CoolingAdding a zip tie around the connector allows the heater to turn on and clear the ice from the coil.

Kenmore Not Cooling

Now that the heater wire is connected and the evaporator coils is clear … Repair complete.